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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pens for 2014-2015

I like a good pen. Perhaps that is an understatement...  I shop for pens once a year. I've bought numerous fountain pens in the past, and I still like them, but this time, I wanted ballpoint pens in several colors.   After reading several reviews on Amazon,  I decided to go to the store and skip the wait, since I was looking for easy-to-find brands.

I brought home a pack of BICs that looked great, BIC Atlantis, and another one of Uniballs.  Without hesitation,  Uni ball is much better side by side on an index card; furthermore, the lighter green BIC was not just a disappointment because the color was way too light and skipped leaving white streaks, but the pen actually didn't work... the clicker was broken right out of the box. :(

One reviewer on Amazon had high praises for the red Uniball, but there were none to be found at the store, so I did order that after testing them out. 

These days it's a good idea to check even on products I've bought many times before because companies change management all the time, and you never know if you will be getting the same item you've always liked.

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