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Thursday, May 12, 2011

2011 Convention

I received the FPEA homeschool convention catalog a few days ago and was going through it this morning.  I am really looking forward to going in two weeks.  There are several lectures I plan on attenting too.

Free College Can Happen to You
Bringing Computer Science to Your Classroom
Becoming an Author
Evolution Doesn't Work for Sea Creatures
Binding Books Beautifully
Experience Excellence in Writing
The Well-Planned Day: Yes, It is Possible
How to Teach Music and Art

The Delightful Family
College De-Classified
The Apprentice: Getting High School Credit for Internships
Tips for Teaching a Houseful
Lapbooks: Hands-On Education Made Easy

Some of the lectures are at the same time, so I'll have to see if I can get some of the audio recordings.  I am particularly looking forward to going to the one about planning your day on Friday.  I need to start keeping Michael's high school records in order, and this vendor has some planners that look really great.

The kids love going to the convention.  They get to meet lots of other homeschoolers and often make friends, plus they get to stay at a nice hotel for the night and swim in the big pool. 

I was surprised to see some of the old speaker names missing from the roll this year.  There seems to be a new generation of young speakers that I need to become acquainted with.  It's surprising to not see all the pioneers of homeschooling there:  Doug Philips, Dr. Jay Wile, Little Bear, the Mc Donalds...  I know some of them still speak at homeschool conventions, but they aren't coming down to ours this year.  They will be missed, but I know their stories and what they teach well, so I'm looking forward to hearing what these new folks have to say.
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