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Thursday, September 1, 2016

High School Transcripts

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In the past, I have used a program called Homeschool Tracker (HST) to create my high school transcripts.  I never had any problem with colleges accepting the transcripts I generated with this software. Although HST creates nice transcripts, it isn't a transcript-only service, and the software I used years ago is not for sale or supported by the company any more.  They now offer a yearly subscription for a cloud online service which does just about the same exact thing and is much more expensive than the original software.  If you want a place to keep all your records, including lesson plans, attendance, reading lists, etc. and a transcript generator, then HST may be the right thing for you.  I have decided to discontinue the HST online service because I don't use many of its features, so it's not worth the price.

A more affordable online option I found recently is HSLDA's new (to me) transcript service.  It costs $12 for members per year, per student, and $16 for non-members.  

A good resource for making your own transcripts at home is Transcripts Made Easy by Jan Bloom.

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