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Friday, August 19, 2016

Curriculum 2016-2017

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Our first week is almost over, and I think the dust has settled - or at least I hope it has.  I had to make a couple of adjustments.  After all these years of homeschooling Emily, we finally decided to hold her back in 6th grade.  She had a late birthday for her grade, and she always was trailing behind on her work.  We are hoping this will give her a chance to catch up and not feel so overwhelmed with school work, which is not the idea when you homeschool.  Both of the girls took a science class with our local coop teacher to supplement the Apologia curriculum.  It meets once a week for experiments, demonstrations, and group projects.  They love their science classes! :)

Emily (6th grade)

Bible - Journey Through the Bible 1  (Pentateuch)            Christian Liberty Press
           Three year reading through the Bible program

English - Fix It! 3  (Grammar)                                           IEW
                Following Narnia 1   (Writing)                           IEW
                Wordly Wise 7   (Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension)  
                McGruffey Reader 3                    

Math 7   BJU

History & Geography
                           New World History & Geography            ABeka      (Spine)
                           Literature, art, etc. added
                            to support this fact filled textbook
                            Geography Study Guide                         Beautiful Feet Books

Science   General Science                                                   Apologia
                Homeschool Co-op class                                     Connie Gerbasi

Michelle (9-10th grade)
Last year, we thought we would start 9th grade classes with Michelle, so she took Algebra, Biology, and Art History for high school credit. Some of her classes for this year might be considered 10th grade classes, but this is all in preparation for her to dual enroll at the local community college on her Junior year.

Bible - The Westminster Shorter Cathechism                        Christian Liberty Press
English - American Literature                                               Excellence in Literature
                The Elegant Essay                                                  IEW
                 Fix it! - Book 3  (Grammar)                                  IEW
                Wordly Wise 10
Math -     Algebra 2                                                               Bob Jones
History   Early American History                                         Beautiful Feet
Art          Early American History                                         Beautiful Feet
                Artists                                                                     Homeschool in the Woods
Science -  Advanced Biology - Anatomy & Physiology        Apologia
                 Anatomy Coloring Book (Kaplan Anatomy Coloring Book)
                 Anatomy Homeschool Co-op class                       Connie Gerbasi
                 Body by Design: An Anatomy of the Human Body
                 Anatomy Coloring Workbook, 3rd Edition 

Computer Applications
                Miscellaneous library books about Microsoft Word, Excell, Power Point, and typing                             software.
P.E.  -   Volleyball - YMCA

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