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Friday, October 1, 2010

Nature Journal - Wally the Worm

Fearless nature journalist and her subject - Wally the Worm
Out on our nature walk this morning, the girls spotted this earthworm crawling accross our driveway.  It was a perfect opportunity to learn about earthworms.  Of course, they had to name "him..."

Wally the Worm under the magnifying lense
 Throught the glass, they discovered that worms many rings, and that they are a mark of their age. 

We read from A Handbook of Nature Study, all about earthworms - diet, function, habitat... 

Then they debated on what to do with Wally.  Michelle was all for putting him in one of the garden beds, but Emily wanted to feed him to the chickens.  We had  to call an impartial judge to the rescue.  Dad got the last word...
"...back to its home!"
Wally now lives underground in our vegetable garden where he will spend the rest of his life contributing his castings and plowing the soil.

 Emily drew Wally's release for her nature journal...

Michelle's worm is down in its burrow surrounded by flowers and leaves stored up for its meals.  Down at the bottom she wrote, "God made earthworms to help man." 

I am so thankful that she can stay home and learn science as a study of God's Creation!

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