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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Curriculum Switch

Every year, almost without fail, after a few months of school, I discover that at least one of the curricula I chose doesn't work for a certain child.  This year, it was Shurley Grammar.  I used Shurley for the two oldest, but Emily and Michelle just didn't catch on to the system and kept on dragging their feet.  So, I had to do the dreaded switch.  We are going with BJU English.  It is much more of a worksheet type curriculum.  I like it better than others I've used or seen.  I am familiar with BJU because I have their Spanish program for high school, and I love it.  BJU is nicely structured, following a logical incremental sequence.  I received the materials yesterday, and am hitting the ground running this morning, we are starting today!  I spent some time last night familiarizing myself with the program, and I will continue to learn as we go. 

There is always at least one subject that we carry through the summer for one reason or another - usually because the original curriculum didn't work, like this time.  I remember last year it was Singapore Math for Emily - a good match for Michelle though. 

The flexibility we have as homeschoolers makes this possible, a one-size-fits-all approach would be more affordable, I am sure; but it wouldn't necessarily be beneficial.  I am thankful we can afford to make these changes midstream.  I think this is one of the reasons why my children don't have a subject that they particularly dislike - they learn that it isn't necessarily a problem with not liking the subject; but rather, it is likely the way it is being presented.

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