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Sunday, August 12, 2012

We start school again tomorrow.  I feel much better about starting this year, since I had all summer to plan ahead, and  I am happy with all the curriculum choices I made. 

The greatest blessing I see is that Michael has our dear friend, Jeanne to teach his Algebra 2 class.  Jeanne is a retired college math professor!  I can't wait to see how Michael grows to love math with her, as I am sure he will.  I am looking forward to teaching his chemistry class.  It will have lots of labs, as I added an additional lab curriculum to the BJU class in order to make it an honors class.

The girls are going to have lots of fun this year working on science, bible,  and social studies together.  This will be our first year to really be able to do combined classes well.  I love their art curriculum and hope I have time to do some of the projects along with them. 

Michelle's Curriculum - 5th grade

Included in Science, History, Art
Memory Work Notebook                    Paul Settle
Italics Calligraphy Copywork – Books of the Bible
Tapestry of Grace

Shurley Grammar 5
IEW - Institute for Excellence in Writing
Calligraphy - Italics
The Giggly Guide to Grammar   by Cathy Campbell

Saxon 54

Apologia – Botany

History & Geography
Beautiful Feet - Early American and World History (Reading, History)
A Child's Story of America  Christian Liberty Press
Tapestry of Grace  (Geography & Reading List)

How Great Thou Art - Colors, Colors, Colors

Emily's Curriculum - 3rd Grade

Shurley Grammar 3
Read & Think 3

Abeka 3
Enchanted Learning

Botany - Apologia

Early American History - Beautiful Feet
Little House on the Prairie Primer
Enchanted Learning

Joseph – The Canada Goose              Barry Stebbing
Little Annie’s ART Book of Etiquette & Good Manners               Barry & Saundra Stebbing
Draw Write NOW

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