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Friday, August 20, 2010

New Blog

I've finally decided to start a homeschooling blog.  It's an idea I've been contemplating for a few years.  I think what has finally convinced me is the thought that I really need a record of what I'm doing, and maybe others can use it too.

At the moment, I have Emily(6), Michelle(8), and Michael(13) at home.  Gabi(20) graduated two years ago.  She still lives at home and goes to the local University.  She goes there for free, having earned enough scholarships to pay for all of it including books and other expenses.  She hopes to one day have her own family and homeschool her children.  When I began homeschooling my kids, there weren't as many options and resources available as there are now, and we were considered strange by many.  Today, much has changed in that respect.  But, with more opportunities and resources available come more complicated choices.  Maybe this blog will help make some of those decisions a little easier.

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